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Is the Cleanse made with Certified Organic ingredients?

While we strive to incorporate the highest amount of organic produce and ingredients possible, the availability of such ingredients can be influenced by seasonality and macroeconomic factors. In the spirit of complete transparency, we don't assert to be "Certified Organic." Nonetheless, we are dedicated to
establishing enduring, sustainable partnerships with organic suppliers and producers, ensuring that we deliver the utmost quality to you.

What do with your boxes and bottles?

The eco-friendly glass
packaging used by Andajuicya is kind to the environment. It is far better than the plastic that you get elsewhere. It recycles exceptionally well, so feel free to dispose of it in the recycling bin along with other glass items. If you wish to keep the box please do. Maybe for keeping the cold stuff in after you have done your shopping until you get home. Again though.. It is recyclable.

For those who prefer returning the Packaging/Bottles to Andajuicya for maximum reuse and recycling, you can have them collected from your
residence with your next Cleanse delivery. Simply place rinsed bottles and jars back into the packaging inserts and cardboard box (discard lids). Ensure the box is securely closed and taped. Place it outside your house on the day of your scheduled cleanse delivery and we will take them away.

What should I eat the days following a Cleanse?

We suggest that you stick mainly to raw foods on the day following your cleanse. Some great meal ideas are: 

Try to reduce your portion sizes at meal times and attempt to eat slower than you normally would.
It is important is to eat regularly (don’t skip meals) to retain your
metabolism and drink plenty of water to maintain your fluid intake. It is normal for your body to desire more Andajuicya Cold Pressed Juice, given the nutrient abundance and healing properties – if this is the case don’t hesitate to order more juice or start making your own at home.

Breakfast - fresh fruit and natural yoghurt, quinoa
porridge or poached eggs

Lunch - steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, fruit or more
vegetable juice (if not consuming Andajuicya juice ensure to check the label for sugar/ fructose content - anything over 10% sugar is not recommenced)

Dinner - salad or steamed fish with steamed vegetables

Snacks - juice (mainly vegetable), fresh fruit or vegetables, nuts 

Why not just eat more vegetables instead of doing a Cleanse?

Good question, What's the advantage of doing a Cleanse instead of simply increasing vegetable intake?

A key perk of undergoing a Cleanse is affording your digestive system the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. During each 2-day Cleanse, over 8kg of raw vegetables are consumed in juice form. Digesting such a substantial amount of raw vegetables could be challenging and potentially lead to digestive discomfort. The Cleanse offers a gentler and more digestible way to benefit from the nutritional goodness of vegetables.

Does it matter in what order I drink the juice?

Our Juice Cleanse programs are carefully structured to ensure a balanced nutritional intake and a satisfying flavour experience. While there is a recommended order, feel free to enjoy the juices in any sequence you prefer – the results will remain consistent.

How often should I Cleanse?

At Andajuicya, we view cleansing
as an ongoing ritual, advocating for its regular incorporation into one's
routine. To fully embrace the benefits of a Andajuicya Cold Pressed Juice cleanse, it's suggested to partake in this ritual multiple times. The initial cleanse may induce a mild shock to the system, offering immediate advantages such as weight loss, a lighter feeling internally, and a resetting of taste buds. This
inaugural cleanse establishes the groundwork for subsequent ones, paving the way for a comprehensive body transformation.

To optimise the experience, we recommend scheduling at least two cleanses simultaneously, starting on the same day in consecutive weeks. This approach serves to prepare both the body and mind for the transformative journey ahead.

Can I eat whilst on the Cleanse program?

An essential aspect of the Andajuicya Cleanse is providing your digestive system with a well-deserved break. While it's typical to experience the desire to eat, we recommend exercising common sense when it comes to consuming food during the cleanse. If you feel the need to eat, feel free to do so. Some food options to consider while cleansing include steamed vegetables, salad dishes, unsalted/activated almonds, and boiled eggs.

Can I exercise whilst on the Cleanse program?

We advise engaging in only light exercises during the cleanse, such as Yoga, Pilates, stretching, swimming, light cycling, or walking. Additionally, activities like skin exfoliation, meditation, breathing exercises, and spending time in natural sunlight and fresh air can enhance the cleansing process.

How should I prepare for an Andajuicya Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse?

In the lead-up to starting an Andajuicya Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse, we recommend taking a few preparatory steps. It's beneficial to decrease your
consumption of processed and artificial foods, cut back on refined
carbohydrates (especially those high in sugar), and limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol in the days preceding the cleanse. Additionally, make an effort to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water to help your body prepare for the upcoming cleanse.

Can I do a Cleanse program whilst pregnant, on medication or with any medical conditions?

If you're considering a Cleanse program but are currently on medication or have any health concerns, we highly advise consulting your healthcare professional before embarking on the cleanse. For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, we do not recommend participating in a cleanse. It's essential to note that our unpasteurised juices are not suitable for cleansing during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

How long does the juice last?

Concerning the longevity of the juice, we recommend consuming it within 4 days of delivery for optimal nutrient absorption. However, please be aware that this duration may vary based on your delivery location and other factors, so always refer to any specific guidelines provided by Andajuicya. It's essential to refrigerate the juice at all times, and before sipping, give it a good shake – separation is a normal occurrence. Take note that our juices, puddings and soups are not intended to be frozen. Avoid placing them in the freezer or near the coldest parts of the fridge, as the juices may expand and could potentially burst through the glass. Please be mindful that Andajuicya cannot assume responsibility for glass bottles or juices that have burst due to freezing.

WillI lose weight by completing an Andajuicya Cold Pressed Cleanse?

Typically, individuals tend to experience weight loss during a Cleanse program. This weight reduction encompasses the release of fluids, depletion of glycogen stores, elimination of internal waste, and, of course, a reduction in body fat. Drawing from anecdotal evidence gathered over recent years of providing cleanse programs to clients, it's observed that people may shed approximately 1.5-3 kg during a 2-Day Cleanse. It's crucial to note that individual variations exist, so each person's experience may differ.