Pre and Post cleanse information

Before embarking on an Andajuicya Cleanse program, we recommend taking some preparatory steps. Although not mandatory, these preparations will facilitate a smooth transition into the Cleanse, optimising the absorption of nutrients and maximising its benefits. One thing we always say is "listen to your body"

 🎬 Pre-Cleanse Guidelines 🎬 
🍪 Consider completing the Cleanse program in a 'clean' environment by minimising temptations. Clear out your cupboard and fridge of all 'unhealthy' snacks and drinks.
✔️ In the days leading up to the Cleanse, prioritise hydration by drinking plenty of water daily. Ideally, focus on meals consisting predominantly of fresh ingredients like vegetables, fruits, legumes, salads, and soups.
❌ Gradually reduce or eliminate certain dietary elements:
🥖 Processed foods (white flour, sugar)
🍭 Preservatives, artificial colourings/sweeteners, and food dyes
🍪 Muesli bars/biscuits
🍫 Sweets (chocolate, lollies)
🍞 White bread/white rice
🍔 Fast foods
🥤Soft drinks/fruit juices
🍺 Alcohol/caffeine
⚡️Sports bars/gels/energy drinks
❄️ Frozen goods (chicken nuggets, chicken parma, meat pie, sausage rolls, dim sims)
🫙 Jams (sweet spreads)
💊 Non-prescription drugs

🏁 Post-Cleanse Recommendations 🏁
Upon completing the Cleanse, reintroduce solid food into your digestive system gradually. Follow these recommendations for the first 1-2 days post-Cleanse:
🍥 Reduce portion sizes at meal times to avoid overconsumption.
🐌  Eat at a slower pace, taking time to appreciate your food.
🔁  Maintain regular meal intervals to support metabolism.
💦  Stay hydrated by drinking water regularly.

🛒 Post-Cleanse Menu Planner 🛒

Breakfast Options
1. Eggs of choice on a bed of spinach with grilled salmon (skip the bread for a gluten-free option).
2. Chickpea pancakes made with chickpea flour, salt, vanilla, coconut sugar, and egg, fried in coconut oil.
3. Breakfast smoothie with almond milk, cacao powder, frozen banana, kale, and macca powder.
4. Quinoa porridge with cooked quinoa, chopped banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, chia seeds, mixed nuts, natural yogurt, and honey.
Lunch/Dinner Choices
1. Curry with cauliflower 'rice'.
2. Burrito with wholemeal wraps, avocado, lettuce, salsa, and a meat/bean filling.
3. Lean veggie stack with grilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, and fried flat mushroom, layered with homemade pesto.
4. Chicken and seasonal salad with roasted chicken, salad leaves, diced mango, avocado, roasted macadamia nuts, and lime juice dressing.
5. Grilled fish with vegetables and rice or mixed salad.
6. Chicken and roasted vegetables with a palm-sized chicken breast and a green salad.
7. Vegetable soup with chopped pumpkin, leeks, celery, carrot, vegetable stock, and canned tomatoes.

Snack Alternatives
1. Chia seed pudding made with coconut milk and various flavour options (we offer these too).
2. Kale chips seasoned with liquid coconut oil, paprika, cumin, and salt.
3. Sweet potato chips baked until crispy.
4. Chopped raw vegetables like carrot, celery, capsicum, tomatoes, and mushrooms.
5. Homemade trail mix featuring nuts, seeds, dried fruit (limited), cacao, and carob nibs.