Our Nutritional advisor

Sofia Cappa

Sofia, a graduate in Nutrition from the University of Concepción del Uruguay in Rosario, Argentina, holds a Degree in Sports Nutrition since 2014. She now resides in Andalucia, where she offers personalised guidance to individuals and families, catering to a diverse range of clients including healthy individuals, athletes, and those with specific conditions.

With Sofia, you can expect a professional yet friendly approach to nutrition. She believes in creating sustainable habits through real and mindful nutrition, taking into account your unique tastes and preferences. Unlike relying on medications or magic formulas, Sofia's approach is grounded in evidence-based practices. These are just some of the reasons we at Andajuicya chose Sofia to assist is in the intricate details of our curations.

Nutrition education is at the core of Sofia's philosophy, as she understands its crucial role in fostering lasting lifestyle changes. While Sofia appreciates the freshness and quality of our entire collection, she particularly enjoys the deliciousness of our chia puddings.

For a personal approach that focuses on real cases rather than stereotypes, consider reaching out to Sofia. Learn more about her and the services she offers by contacting her, visiting her website or following her on Instagram