Nutritional data

100% Cold Pressed Juice 
What is Cold Pressed Juice?
Andajuicya's Cold Pressed Juice's are not subjected to heat, high-speed aeration, preservatives, pasteurisation or additives. Compared to more common juicing methods (i.e. centrifugal style machines) the nutritional integrity of the juice is far greater ensuring that live nutrients and enzymes are kept intact.
Andajuicya do not provide high fruit juice content meaning low fructose  in order to bulk out the juices. We provide select ingredients that are based on quality and results to arrive at a premium quality cold pressed juice that provides you with a unique juicing experience that may not be available elsewhere.
Passion, commitment and integrity
We are exceptionally passionate about our products. We are 100% committed to creating the best quality juice from the best quality produce and continue to research and innovate our blends. More will be curated, more will arrive on line but only when they are good enough. you can register with us to be the first to know when they are alive and kicking.
Each one of our packs will detail what is in the box, We link each product to there own page. Each item we curate and offer to you will show its nutritional data that is on the bottles in the images. We hide nothing. Its good honest Ingredients and no magic potions or additives. Take a look for yourself.